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‘China’s Development Reform Process’ PKU NSD’s Second China Development Forum Begins



On 10 December 2017, Peking University’s National School of Development’s Second China Development Forum began its ‘China Development Reform Process’ & ‘Commemoration of 40th Anniversary of China’s Opening & Reform’ series of events at Peking University’s Ying Jie Exchange Center.



This year’s forum was hosted by Peking University’s National School of Development (‘NSD’) and co-hosted by Founder Securities Co. Its aim is to focus on China’s development; review China’s development path in the 40 years since its ‘Opening & Reform’ and discuss the next level of reform. The event began with the opening ceremony, keynote speech, then China’s reform & opening in its development, China’s world-class enterprises in this process and finally the closing speech.


This year’s forum also kicked off the NSD’s ‘Commemorating 40 Years Since Opening & Reform’ series of events. Meanwhile, the NSD’s first report in its series, ‘The Direction of Reform’ was released. In addition, the forum also announced the ‘2017 China Innovation & Enterprise Index’.


The opening ceremony was presided over by NSD Vice-Dean and Forum Chair Huang Yi-Ping.



Peking University’s Vice-Chancellor, Wang Bo began with an opening speech. He said that, in the 40 years of opening and reform, Peking University was never absent and it would not be in the future – Peking University has always contributed to reform through its academic research and training of talented people. Each epoch has its own unique issues which need to be addressed from continual reform. Mr Bo hoped that the forum would provide thought leadership in the next stage of reform.


NSD Dean & Chair of Organizing Committee of National Development Forum, Yao Yang gave a speech on behalf of the hosts. He said that from the day in 1994 that Justin Lin and five other returning scholars established the NSD, its students have spread far and wide. The NSD has contributed numerous economic researchers and business leaders to society whilst itself becoming China’s top think-tank within a university. Its professors, such as Justin Lin, Zhou Qiren and Zhang Wei have had a major influence on the country’s reform and development since the 1980s. The majority of guests to the event had experienced firsthand or been part of the reforms – they looked back on the reforms and its prospects, to bring more insights to the public.


Founder Securities Co. Ltd. Chairman Gao Li gave a speech on behalf of the co-hosts. He mentioned as a subsidiary of Peking University’s affiliate enterprise Founder Group, his company’s development has always had the support of Peking University. This event was its first joint event with Peking University, in the future there will be many more. Mr Gao also said, Founder Securities is a product of reform – over the years thanks to its open and inclusiveness, straightforward focus, diligence and company culture of pursuit of excellence, Founder has provided financial services to society. In the future it will continue to contribute its efforts towards reform.


During the keynote speech, The Office of Financial Work Leading Group, Central Communist Party Deputy, the People’s Bank of China Vice President and Peking University National School of Development co-founder, Yi Gang spoke on the topics of ‘Full Implementation of Negative List Market Access’; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Vice Dean Cai Fang spoke on ‘Labour Market Reform’; Development Research Center of the State Council Deputy Director Long Guoqiang spoke on ‘China’s Opening Up Strategy and Policy’.



Honorary Dean Justin Lin, NSD Dean Yao Yang, CITIC Publishing Group Deputy Chief Editor Jiang Yongjun were all witnesses to the important event : the upcoming ‘Commemoration of Opening & Reform 40 Year Anniversary’ series of events and launch of the ‘Direction of Reform’ book.


In the late morning and afternoon, the forum was split into three mini-forums: ‘China’s Opening & Reform in its Development Process’ (1&2) and ‘World-Class Enterprises in China’s Development’.




In group one of ‘China’s Opening & Reform in its Development Process’, National Development and Reform Commission academic committee researcher, China International Economic Exchange Center chief researcher Zhang Yansheng; Peking University China Agricultural Policy Research Center Director, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World Academician Huang Jiku; NSD Dean, Ministry of Education Cheung Kong Distinguished Professor Yao Yang each spoke on the subjects of ‘The Fundamental Experience of China’s Reform Development’, ‘China’s Agricultural Development and Reform’, ‘China Systematic Innovation Process and Economic Reform’. NSD Professor Zhang Xiaobo announced the ‘2017 China Innovation & Enterprise Index’ and gave a detailed explanation of China’s innovation & enterprise areas. This segment was hosted by NSD Professor, Peking University Human Capital and National Policy Research Center Deputy Director Shen Yan.



In group two of ‘China’s Opening & Reform in its Development Process’, NSD Vice-Dean, Peking University Institute of Digital Finance Director Huang Yiping; NSD Vice-Dean, Ministry of Education Cheung Kong Young Academic Yu Miaojie; NSD Professor, Peking University China Center for Public Finance Director Lin Shuanglin and NSD Professor Song Guoqing spoke respectively on the subjects of ‘Market Reform Factors & Financial Reform’, ‘Open Economic Pilot Area: Constructing a New Pattern’, ‘Developing China’s Finance & Tax Reform: Review & Outlook’, ‘Improving Macro-economic Controls’. This segment was hosted by Peking University China Center for Energy & Development Director Xu Jintao.



In the ‘World-Class Enterprises in China’s Development’ segment, Development Research Center of the State Council ex-Director Chen Xiaohong; NSD Professor, ‘Economics (Quarterly)’ Deputy Editor Wang Hao; Haier Group President, Vice Chair of Board of Directors Zhou Yunjie; NSD Professor, BiMBA Business School Dean Chen Chunhua respectively spoke on ‘SOE Reform: Development & Future’, ‘What Roles Does the Chinese Government Play Better?’, ‘Success is in the Past, Reform is Always in the Present’, ’40 Years of Chinese Enterprise – Drivers of Entrepreneurial Spirit’. This segment was hosted by NSD Professor, BiMBA Business School Co-Dean, John Yang.


The final speech was given by NSD Honorary Dean, Peking University New Structural Economics Research Center Director, CPPCC Standing Committee member, State Council Counselor Justin Lin. Prof. Lin said that, as a 6th generation intellectual, he was more fortunate than the 5th generation, because “More than any other generation, we are more self-confident, we are closer and have greater ability to realize China’s Great Revival”. In the 40 years since the reform, China’s economic growth miracle was clear for all to see – the dual system and ‘late-mover advantage’ are ‘keywords’ in realizing China’s economic transformation and massive growth. In the future, Prof. Lin hopes that China’s experience in reform and opening can provide an example for other developing economies to learn from, and hopes to usher a new era of joint prosperity, a new world.

The forum came to an end with the wonderful comments and best wishes from NSD Academic Committee Director, Ministry of Education Cheung Kong Distinguished Professor, and Peking University Center for Health Economic Research Director Liu Guoen.



China Economic Development Forum Introduction


Supported by the National high-end think-tank, the Peking University National School of Development, the China Economic Development Forum is centered around China’s reform development and modernization and is dedicated to creating a high-level platform to discuss ‘Important Issues in China’s Development and Related Policies’, systematically summarizing the significant progress made in national development and looking forward to China’s future development as well as changes in the global stage, major strategies, systems and policies.