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June 2, Beijing, by Tao Ye.  This afternoon, the HSBC-PKU Economic Forum, cosponsored by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and the China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, is held in Peking University. The speaker this time is Gary Becker, the professor of economics and sociology at University of Chicago, and the 1992 Nobel Laureate in economics for his "economic analysis on human behaviors".

The subject of the forum is Knowledge, Homan Capital, Population and Economic Growth. Professor Gary Becker in the lecture points out that the investment of human capital lays high requirements on the economy liberty of a country. However, regarding to the index, China is in the position of the 112th among all the countries around the world, which means a very low level. Therefore, he suggests that China should improve trade policy, adjust finance burden, reform banking and financial industry, optimize the foreign investment and consummate judiciary system. He specially emphasizes that the financial reform is the most important thing, which is the "real problem" China are facing and the obstacle for the investment of human capital.