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Prairie Passing ----- Cooperation between BiMBA and West Point for Nurturing Future Leaders


It's the most memorable experience in my life. All of those who joined the activity today are qualified to be West Point members and I invite you to join us in West Point.
—— the comment made by Major Brian Tribus from West Point on the BiMBA prairie outward bound

Fix Points Passing

At 13 o'clock on the afternoon of July 7th, 2005, the oath-taking rally this year was held in Jin Pen, the southernmost spot of Prairie Huitengxile in Mongolia. The outward bound in the prairie is the traditional program for BiMBA full-time class freshmen every year. What was different this time was that Major Brian Tribus and two official students, separately Adam Hilkenkamp and Colin Lasater, from West Point would join us. They, together with the 42 BiMBA 05 full-time class students, would be divided into several groups for passing Prairie Huitengxile in the following 5 hours.

In the around 180 square kilometers prairie, the faculties had set down 15 fixed points before hand. Provided with maps, compasses and GPS positioning equipments, the students, divided into six groups, were asked to pass as more points as they can in the shortest time and got the highest marks. The members of every group were arranged randomly together with the 5 international students and officers. The path between the end-point and camp was pretty covert that there were five groups lost their ways in heading for the camp. Now it was going to be dark, but most of the students were still on the way. At this moment, with their master teacher Professor Fan, the male members of the group who had arrived first immediately started for searching the following groups. When the last member reached the camp, it was nearly ten o'clock into the night.

Campfire Party

Our camp was set in a relative smooth slope in Huanghua Gou. The red flag of BiMBA flew in the wind, turning to be beacon light for every member. Professor Yang Zhuang, the American-side Dean of BiMBA, now was making comments on the behaviors of each group. He pointed out that each group had accomplished the task wonderfully and successfully, and the third group was the winner for getting the highest marks ---- 9 scores. There were no failures today, for every group had his own specialties and shinning points, especially the team working spirit and active attitude every member showed in the process.

Major Brian Tribus was greatly impressed by the activity. He said that “I invite you to join us in West Point. Since you have accomplished the task today, you will be able to pass the test of ‘animal camp' in West Point. I hope the cooperation and communication between West Point and BiMBA would last in the future.” The two official students Colin and Adam also expressed their appreciation for the students and faculties of BiMBA.

PT(Physical Training) ---- West Point style morning exercises

In the following morning, the West Point officer brought the students a surprising gift --- the West Point style morning exercises. Major Brian Tribus specially turned the watchword to be “BiMBA Attention BiMBA!” After warming up, students were asked to take a series of high-difficulty movements, including 30 push-ups, 5 minutes leg uplifting on back and 50 flips. The students were Reluctant to show weakness and insisted for the entire course. “In order to be an excellent leader, we should have strong bodies.” The students were deeply impressed by the strong bodies and vigor the West Point partners owned.

The following part was the most interesting training called “car pushing” relay. In this training, every two persons constituted a group, among which one walked in front with hands, while the other followed holding his legs. When reaching the terminal, the two persons were asked to exchange their positions and repeat the above movements. It required certain skills and cooperation between the two partners. The students and faculties were divided into seven groups for competition. Everybody did it carefully and seriously. In the end, the third group won for the highest speed.

“Attitude 101” in prairie

After the day long outward bound, the activity held on the 18th was restudying “Attitude 101” . After the experience on the day before, everyone had a brand new impression when rereading “Attitude 101” . Professor Yang Zhuang made the following conclusions for the first day. Firstly, in the process every student showed their strong spirit of team-working and cooperation; secondly, through the activity the students had learned something about how to make decisions and catch opportunities rapidly under uncertainties; thirdly, every student had learned to keep insistence under extreme conditions. Major Brian Tribus then shared with the students the characteristic of trust learned in West Point.

Riding in prairie

On the afternoon of the 18th, the students reached the 99 Springs Holiday Town Horse Park. “Civilization means spirit, and wildness means physique.” As to nurturing the future leaders, BiMBA students should experience the riding in prairie.

It was a little dangerous of course. But the two youths from West Point left for people great impressions. In the returning way, for the entire process, Adam and Colin rode in the front, although they were not quite familiar with riding. At that moment, they appeared completely to be two brave Mongolian warriors riding in the battlefield.

Drinking in Prairie

After leaving Prairie Huitengxile, the group of people arrived at the Yi Tai Great Hotel in Huhehaote of Mongolia. Mr. Zhang Donghai, the Chairman of the hotel and BiMBA 03EMBA alumni, received us there warmly. Raising wine cups, four Mongolian boys and girls presented every people with white Hadas. At that moment, everyone made no hesitation in drinking off the wine presented to him. Among them, Adam drank three cups successively and Colin who had never drunk any distilled wine before also had three cups. While as to Brian, nobody knew how many cups he had drunk. With sensation of respect and excitement, the BiMBA students toasted him one after another, and he accepted every toast frankly. After drinking Major Brian Tribus led his students to sing the army song of West Point, while the Chinese students made response by sing the army song of PLA.

Afterward, Brian, Adam and Colin started the competition of push-up. Surprisingly, Brian lost the game at last and people can't help cheering for the two young guys. At this moment, Mr. Xu Xin, the Manager of the Yi Tai Great Hotel can't restrain himself and expressed his expectation to make competition with Brian. He by chance used to be a soldier and he hoped to have the competition with the American soldier on behalf of Chinese army men. When people hearing that, there rose cheers and applauses around. The two men immediately began their competition and the other people counted number sfor them loudly. Latter, Brian won for persisting for a longer time, but Mr. Xu was also outstanding for his speed. In the end, the two men shook their hands for admiration for each other, which greatly moved the people around and received loud applauses.

The two days outward bound was going to end and the students got a lot from the experience during the course. In the two days, they primarily learned the knowledge on decision making, strengthened their bodies, experienced the West Point education style for nurturing leadership and also obtained by themselves the feelings on the manner and quality of soldiers, no matter Chinese or American. Through the training, every student was more confident on himself and for becoming leader in the future.