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China Economic Review Virtual Special Issue on Pandemic Disease


The Editors of China Economic Review invite papers dealing with all aspects of pandemic disease including but not only  those with special reference to the Coronavirus virus currently affecting China.

       To submit an article please go to

and choose Article Type VSI: Pandemic Disease

       Submission Channel will open February 21 and close December 31, 2020.

       All related topics are welcome, and we suggest some possibilities below.

  • Metrics of disease origin and contagion
  • Difference in public versus private entities in response to epidemic outbreak
  • Economic cost of alternative public health measures to prevent epidemics
  • Economic cost of alternative measures to fight against epidemic or pandemic outbreaks
  • Differential impact across industries
    • Compare industrial structure now with that of earlier21st century/SARS. More people work from home now? Public transportation facilitates more or less contagion?
    • Tourist industry impacts?
    • Urbanization has moved forward. Does this increase contagion?
    • Does trade openness exacerbate or ameliorate economic impact of epidemic?
  • Distribution of disease impact across population segments by age/type of work/urban-rural/level of education
  • Types of political/social organization and their impact on disease prevention and contagion.
    • Impact of cost and speed of information dissemination on nature of disease and contagion.
    • Impact of cost and speed of information dissemination on medical and social response to disease.

Format: Virtual Special Issue (VSI)

  • VSI is a  much faster way to publish special issue papers than has previously been the case.
  • China Economic Review is already following an Article Based Publishing (ABP) workflow.
  • Special Issues following the VSI workflow publish all items in the first available regular issue and simultaneously articles appear in a new section on ScienceDirect, set up specifically for the journal and dedicated to VSIs. You can see an example of a VSI on ScienceDirect at this link:

Please address any queries to Scientific Editor Belton Fleisher at

Note: All articles published in China Economic Review are referenced through Social Science Citations Index (SSCI)