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2022 Commencement of NSD and ISSCAD Held at PKU


The 2022 Commencement of the National School of Development (NSD) and the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD) of Peking University was held in the morning of June 25, 2022 in Peking University Hall. While strictly following epidemic prevention rules, NSD economics undergraduates and post-graduates, BiMBA's MBA and EMBA graduates, and ISSCAD PhD graduates and post-graduates, altogether about 1,000 students, gathered in the campus with their teachers, marking a great end to their studies.

From 7:00 am, graduates of all 2022 education projects, and EMBA, MBA graduates who could not attend the 2020 commencement came to the university's library square group by group.

Ceremony begins 

At 8:40 in the morning, a burst of applause in the Peking University Hall marked the start of the commencement, when professors and researchers of NSD and ISSCAD lined up and entered the venue. The special guest speaker, Ms. Yang Lan and the representatives of graduates also met at the rostrum and took seats.

As the host of the commencement Huang Yiping, Deputy Dean of NSD announced the start of the ceremony.

First, all teachers and students stood up while the national anthem was played, and they sang along together.


Teacher and graduate representatives give speeches

Dean of NSD, representatives of teachers and graduates, and the special invited guest gave speeches.

Yao Yang, Dean of NSD and Executive Dean of ISSCAD, expressed sincere congratulations to the 860 NSD graduates of 2022 and 150 previous graduates who did not attend the ceremony in 2020. He praised the life attitude of Su Shi (1037-1101), a famous litterateur of Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), who was always "vigorously enjoying the journey of life.” Yao encouraged the graduates to live their lives to the full although encountering difficulties and obstacles. They shall neither shy away from vulgar affairs nor be afraid to pursue happiness in life. To be specific, enjoying the journey of life means to devote oneself wholeheartedly to what one is doing, without being worried about gains and losses; it means integrating into the current society development and to become a part of it, instead of being a bystander; it means cherishing one's life while pursuing its real value and not being afraid to explore new paths.

Hu Jiayin, Assistant Professor of Finance gave a speech as representative of teachers. She shared her insights from the perspectives of past and future, history and present, and individuals and groups. Tracing back to the previous times, different historical periods have their own distinctive marks. Examining the contemporary era, it also resembles a coin with two sides. On one side, achievements are made, and all the good things are created, while on the other side, the era also makes people confused and dazed. Individuals living in this era have to bear the test of pursuing nice dreams amid cruel reality. That is why Peking University graduates should act beyond the individual role to respond to the call of the times, no matter by absorbing the essence of traditional culture, or accepting the sun-spot theory in economics. Promoting the development of the times can also help realize people’s own growth, said Hu, extending her hope that all graduates find the solution to realize the value of their lives and boost the future development of the country.

Five 2022 graduates of NSD gave speeches after Hu.

Nie Zhuo, a graduate of NSD gave a speech on behalf of all postgraduates and PhD students. He shared his experience and perception of studying in NSD. He said that one should be independent in learning and research, and be responsible for the results. Independent thinking, effective insight and resolute decision-making are necessary in studies and research, and also in work and life. Nie extended his best wishes to every NSD graduate in ushering in new paths in the future.

Liu Zanhui, an undergraduate student of NSD, shared what he gained from university. He said that the university studies had renewed his outlook on life and enabled him to be willing to accept a multidimensional criteria for success. Also, he could learn extensively, be fearless in trying out new things and not afraid of making mistakes, which greatly helped him improve the self-awareness. Liu regarded the education he received at NSD as the best undergraduate education, which had provided him both a vast variety of choices and steadfast support in his researches. Thus, he said, he was never afraid of doing things that are “difficult but correct.”

Xu Haibo, a graduate of the Economics Double-major Program shared his opinions and feelings in studies and researches. Although the daily routine of learning and research may seem ordinary or even boring, the students' efforts would become more meaningful if they combine the macro development of the country with the individual development of themselves. Persistent learning and participating in economic and social development will surely contribute to the development of China and the world, Xu said.

Zhao Peng, a representative of MBA graduates, said that his growth is inseparable from the support of his teachers, friends and family. When enrolled as an MBA student, he was confused at first. After the two-year study, he became a confident and aspiring graduate. Zhao said that all Peking University graduates should have it in mind that they are different. They have been cultivated by the spirit of Peking University, which not only advocates freedom and inclusiveness, but also bravely takes due responsibilities for family and the country. Peking University graduates are never absent in times of crisis, he said.

Qu Na, the EMBA graduate representative, expressed her gratitude to her classmates, teachers and the school. With world-class learning resources and diversified experiences, she would benefit for her whole life. In particular, the studies had enabled her to make a bold leap in her career. Qu said that learning never ends, and graduation is a new beginning. She extended her hope for all classmates to encourage and inspire each other on the journey of life-long learning.

Special guest Yang Lan, Co-chairman of Sun Media Group, delivered a speech about her rich life experience and profound thoughts. She reminded graduates of several important principles. First, always maintain the ability to ask questions, which is to stay curious and think independently. Second, understand and view the world from the perspective of human nature. For example, when making business strategies or economic policies, decision-makers must remember that behind the numbers are lives and families. Third, to understand China's economy, one needs to take a longer view to identify trends and directions, and believe that time will help realize the value. The greatest asset of youth is time, said Yang, who encouraged the graduates to bravely explore the possibilities of their own lives, constantly enrich their experiences, and create their own legends.

When Yang finished her speech, Professor Yao Yang presented her with a commemorative plaque for delivering a speech at the commencement. Then Yao was invited to host the graduation ceremony of ISSCAD.


2022 commencement speeches of ISSCAD

Professor Yao invited guest and professor speakers to take the floor, who are Deng Boqing, Deputy Director of China International Development Cooperation Agency, Chen Runyun, Vice President of Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), Ministry of Commerce, Justin Yifu Lin, Co-founder and Honorary Dean of NSD, Dean of ISSCAD, Director of Center for New Structural Economics at Peking University, and Fu Jun, Academic Dean of ISSCAD.

After giving a brief introduction to the development of ISSCAD, Yao invited Deng Boqing, Chen Runyun, Justin Yifu Lin and Tahir, Getachew Adem, the representative of ISSCAD graduates, to give speeches respectively.

Deng Boqing made a brief review of the founding, development and achievements of ISSCAD, as well as China's concrete actions and current results in implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and promoting international cooperation. He then put up three expectations for the graduates. First, always uphold the original aspiration of studying in ISSCAD and jointly promote to implement the global development initiative. Second, follow the trend of history and work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind. Third, stay China's friends and partners, and ambassadors of friendship and cooperation forever, so as to make new contributions to South-South cooperation.

Recognizing the original aspiration of ISSCAD and its excellent faculty, Chen Runyun expressed his deep feelings. He admired students who overcame the negative impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and other obstacles to successfully finish their studies. Chen also extended his sincere congratulations to the 45 master and PhD graduates from 25 countries. Stressing that development is the eternal priority for all countries, Chen pointed out that sustainable development is a particularly important and urgent issue in developing countries. He encouraged all graduates to apply what they learned to develop their motherlands, work together to promote more mutually beneficial cooperation, and make greater contributions to building the community with a shared future for mankind.

On behalf of all professors, Justin Yifu Lin delivered a speech. He commended the students' strengthened flexibility, which was gained by facing and tackling challenges during the studies at ISSCAD. Although major challenges such as the epidemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict and inflation would continue to exist in the future, students who have studied at ISSCAD would be aware of four principles. First, a country's development can only be realized by overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. Second, both an efficient market and a successful government are necessary for a country's development. Third, while focus on the motherland's development, one must look to the world to make good use of domestic and international resources, so as to strengthen people's confidence in globalization and further boost it. Fourth, the dividends of national development should be shared with all people. At the end of Lin's speech, he encouraged the graduates to flexibly apply the principles to practice, and bravely explore new paths and innovate with new experiences.

Dr. Tahir, Getachew Adem, who could not make it to the event, delivered his speech via video. He expressed his gratitude for ISSCAD, saying that during COVID-19 epidemic, it required great efforts for all parties to support the students to finish their studies through online courses. Pointing out that China is playing an increasingly important role in the whole world, he called for his classmates to build an alumni network, so as to generates more power. Also, he encouraged all graduates to make full use of what they learned, thus to make contributions to their own country and people.


Degree awarding ceremony of NSD and ISSCAD

After the speeches, Professor Yao Yang declared the opening of the degree awarding ceremony, and all education programs awarded their students one after another.

At the ISSCAD degree awarding ceremony, Professor Fu Jun read out the list of PhD and master graduates, including those who could not attend the ceremony. Deng Boqing and Justin Yifu Lin conferred diplomas and degrees to the PhD students and took photos with every one of them.

PhD, post-graduate, undergraduate, EMBA, MBA and Economics Double-major Program graduates received their degrees successively.

While awarding PhD degrees, Professor Shen Yan read the name list of the graduates, and 14 PhD graduates were led to the stage by their tutors. Professor Justin Yifu Lin turned the tassel for them and awarded them degrees. Then the graduates and their tutors took a photo to commemorate the moment.

During the subsequent awarding ceremony, graduate name lists were announced by professors including Shen Yan, Lei Xiaoyan, Fan Baoqun, Li Minghao, Xing Jianwei, and Yu Hang, while other professors, Zhao Yaohui, Ma Jingjing, Huang Zhuo, Hu Ju, Sun Zhenting, and Yu Changhua turned the tassel for graduates of NSD. Professors Zhang Weiying, Yao Yang, Yu Miaojie, Huang Yiping, Gong Yuzhen, Zhang Li, Xie Xuanli, Zhao Yaohui, Shen Yan, Li Lixing, Wang Min, Huang Zhuo, Xi Tianyang, Zhang Junni, Lei Xiaoyan, Yi Junjian, Zhao Bo and Wang Hao awarded degrees to graduates and took pictures with them in four-member groups.

Photos of those who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the impact of COVID-19 were displayed on the screen when their names were announced during the degree awarding ceremony. It was a special arrangement made by NSD and ISSCAD. Also, as a make-up, the absent graduates are allowed to return to their Alma mater at one of any future graduation ceremonies to regain the valuable experience.


Graduation chorus and seeing-off ceremony

At the end of the degree awarding ceremony, Professor Yao Yang invited all the professors to the stage and all the graduates to stand up. Together they celebrated the grand graduation by singing the song of Ode to the Motherland . The lively and magnificent melody, like the students' vision for a better future, was rather inspiring.

Professors and administrative staff members lined up to wave an emotional goodbye to the graduates, who walked past them in a line. The students were too reluctant to part and say goodbye to the teachers who accompanied them in their campus life.

Graduation is the new starting point of the students' lives. It is firmly believed that they will live up to all the expectations and entrust, and steadfastly forge ahead despite all the difficulties.