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Chengze Garden Welcomes the 2022 MBA Students


On September 2, 2022, the BiMBA Business School of National School of Development (NSD) at Peking University held an opening ceremony and orientation for the newly-enrolled MBA students at the Chengze Garden of the NSD.

Teaching and management staff from both the NSD and the partner schools Vlerick Business School and UCL Management School, representatives of BiMBA alumni, and all the new MBA students attended the ceremony either in person or online.

Mr. Kelvin Yu

Mr. Kelvin Yu, Director of the NSD MBA Center and Director of the NSD Career Development Development, hosted the event.

BiMBA Business School of the NSD at PKU (previously Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University) is a top-ranked business school in China. Operated by the NSD, the BiMBA offers high-quality education resources for its students and is distinguished by salient modern features and a profound cultural atmosphere. Labeled as a business school within a state think-tank, BiMBA advocates a combination of East & West learning, calls on integration of knowing & doing, and cultivates business leaders, being deemed a pioneer and a leader in Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in the field of higher education. Currently, BiMBA operates two joint MBA programs: PKU - Vlerick MBA Program and PKU - UCL MBA Program.


Dean's Speech

Professor Yiping Huang

Professor Yiping Huang, Vice-Dean of the NSD, extended his and all the faculty's warm welcome and sincere expectations to the new students. He emphasized that the NSD is one of the top think-tanks in China, and the proportion of very famous economists within the faculty is the highest in China without any competition, and therefore, being a part of the NSD, if the students work hard and smartly, they can learn something that can never be learned in other business schools, which can help them to understand the big picture and development direction of the economy and will distinguish them from other MBA students. He also mentioned that uncertainties are unavoidable, and the students should learn to deal with uncertainties and make the best use of the resources offered by the programs.


Speeches by Representatives of Partner Universities

The representatives from the partner universities Vlerick and  UCL could not attend the opening ceremony in person because of the COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, they expressed their warm wishes and good cheers to the new students via videos.

Professor Marion Debrune

Professor Marion Debrune, Dean of Vlerick Business School, used the Vlerick motto“live, learn, and leap”to encourage the students to live their dreams, learn continuously and leap with confidence.

Professor Dirk Buyens

Professor Dirk Buyens, International Dean of Vlerick for BiMBA, encouraged students to learn from each other and share their information and resources with classmates, and to make the MBA study a wise journey leading to a brighter future. 

Professor Alan Parkinso

Professor Alan Parkinson, Deputy Director (Education) of UCL School of Management, told the students that taking an MBA program is not just to get a“toolbox", but to understand which tool to use to correctly solve the real problems and challenges in the business world. He also emphasized that the students should be able to organize themselves and make a proper plan for their study so that every challenge will be worthwhile.

Professor Michael Manlangit

Professor Michael Manlangit, Program Director from UCL School of Management, pointed out that technology, innovation, management, and leadership are the core theme of the MBA program. The school sees the students as future leaders and will do its utmost to prepare them accordingly.


Speeches by Representatives of 2022 MBA Students

Three newly-enrolled students shared their opinions and feelings on behalf of their classmates.

Mr. Yuhao Wang

Mr. Yuhao Wang from the 2022 full-time PKU-UCL MBA Class is the CEO and founder of the social enterprise World without Borders, which has sent more than 17,000 Chinese volunteers to developing countries, e.g. Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Cambodia, where quality education resources are in need. He felt that the bigger goals he has in mind, the more he needs to learn, so he chose to start a new journey as an MBA student, in order to “fill the missing pieces of his knowledge map”. He believes that Peking University and UCL, which both spark innovation, encourage openness, and embrace distinction and diversity, would be the best place for him to develop into a well-rounded person and achieve bigger dreams.

Dr. Suning Wei

Dr. Suning Wei, a student of the 2022 PKU-UCL part-time MBA Class, received her Ph.D. degree in physiology from Peking University and is a Clinical Development Medical Manager at Novartis Global Drug Development Department. After 7 years of success in drug development work, she realized that all the big pharma companies are foreign companies, which set up the drug prices so high that the Chinese patients can hardly afford them. Therefore, she decided to build a China pharma company that can develop drugs by ourselves and set up suitable prices for Chinese patients. This is the reason she comes to BiMBA, to acquire business knowledge that can support scientists to help more patients.

Dr. Zhao Wang

Dr. Zhao Wang, currently Advanced Material and Sustainable Aviation Fuel Researcher at Boeing Research & Technology China, with a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Umea University in Sweden, gave a speech on behalf of the 2022 PKU-Vlerick MBA Part-Time class. She realized that technology development not only depends on the progress of discoveries and breakthroughs, but also highly relies on the overall strategic development plan of a country or a region. She believes that in time of uncertainties, it’s crucial to gain a global perspective,  remain resilient, continue to learn, and improve ourselves. And BiMBA is the right place for her to realize her dream and prepare herself for opportunities when they come.

After the speeches, every new student was presented with a Peking University badge given by teachers or alumni representatives.  



Dr. Baoqun Fan

Dr. Cathy Du

Ms. Wei Jin

The orientation session started after the group photo was taken. Dr. Baoqun Fan, Assistant Dean of NSD and Executive Assistant Dean of BiMBA, introduced the students to the positioning, milestones and influences of NSD. Dr. Cathy Du announced the academic rules of NSD and encouraged the students to strive for the best. "Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well", she said. Ms. Wei Jin, Vice-Director of the Career Development Department, wrapped up the orientation with an in-depth look into the comprehensive and professional guidance and services that feature mock interviews, one-on-one evaluation and counseling, and career mentorship.