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A Grand opening ceremony for 2022 EMBA of NSD of Peking University Held


This year’s grand opening ceremony for 2022 EMBA students of National School of Development(NSD)of Peking University was held on August 26 on Chengze Garden campus.

The distinguished professors and alumni representatives attended the ceremony and delivered speeches, including Zhang Weiying, the co-founder professor of NSD and Boya chair professor of Peking University, Yao Yang, dean of NSD, executive dean of Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD), and the dean of BiMBA Business School, as well as Mu Lei, an alumnus of 2017 EMBA class. Participants also included Huang Zhuo and Wang Min, who are both the assistant dean of NSD, Xie Xuanli, the associate researcher, and other representatives of the think tank and research team, as well as the heads of several functional departments and the members of the EMBA administrative team.

The ceremony was presided over by Fan Baoqun, Sinar Mas chair researcher of NSD, deputy dean of NSD and executive vice dean of BiMBA Business School.

The ceremony started with a song of Yan Yuan Qing by the Choir of students of Peking University.

In the first part of the Ceremony, Prof. Yao Yang gave a speech to welcome all the new students on behalf of the NSD. He briefly described the development progress and characteristics of the NSD. Yao said that the NSD has two genes of which one is the research focus on China’s real problems, which is inherited from the Institute of Economic System and Management(IESM), also “System Reform Institute” for short, and the Central Rural Policy Research Office and Rural Development Research Center of the State Council, also “Development Research Institute” for short, which was also known as No.9 Institute; and the other gene is inherited from The Chinese Economists Society which is in the pursuit of maintaining rigorous academic standards. After years of development, the NSD has maintained a leading position in both business education and think tank construction. At the same time, it has always practiced the concept of free thought and inclusiveness of Peking University, and has actively contributed ideas and made suggestions for the development of the country and society as a builder. The feature of the BiMBA Business School is that the courses are both taught by economists and management scientists, and that it also emphasizes on personality development, academic research, and alumni solidarity. Finally, Prof. Yao extended his expectation that all the students have a wonderful and unforgettable study time at the NSD.

In the second part, Professor Zhang Weiying taught his first lesson with the theme of “re-understanding of entrepreneurship”. In Prof. Zhang’s opinion, it was the mental models which entrepreneurs pursued and decisions that made them different from other people. The decision making of entrepreneurs is not totally scientific decision. That is, they did not give solutions under given constraints, but changed the constraints and made what other people think is impossible successful. Entrepreneurship is the best way of anti-monopoly law. It is, to a large extent, inborn as an entrepreneur, but it is also a long process to be an entrepreneur. NSD is such a platform for studying and communication where teachers are responsible for producing various kinds of knowledge, and providing the elements that contribute to the growing of the entrepreneurs.

Mu Lei, the alumni representative, sincerely shared his story and gains from NSD. He said that, after years of systematic study in NSD, the business strategy of the company is clearer and the goal of the company is more focused. As for himself, the strategic thinking ability has been much improved and a theoretical thinking mode has been shaped. It is much more scientific and effective in terms of company management and team construction. He summarized learning suggestions in six aspects, namely studying hard, accomplishing the group assignment in time and striving to be the presenter, by all means preparing the thesis in advance, actively participating the club activities, exchanging more with students and conducting mutual cooperation among students and staying calm. He extended his expectations at last that he wished all the students to be brave, to be grateful, to be inclusive and free, to work hard, and to achieve success.

When the speeches came to an end, the 2022 new students took the stage with the music to attend the university badge and schoolbag conferring ceremony. It is the exciting and solemn moment for every EMBA new student.

All the students solemnly sworn that they would uphold the concept of "free thought and inclusiveness", and adhere to the tradition of being “diligent, rigorous, realistic, innovative”, abide by the standards, put the honesty first and keep integrity, thus being the leading force to promote the advancement of the society.

After the opening ceremony, the teachers and students took a group photo.

The theme of the afternoon activity is orientation for the new students. First, Hu Dayuan, professor of economics, former dean of BiMBA Business School, gave a lecture on "Yanyuan Time Crossing". The lecture aimed to help the student learn about the political and historical knowledge of Qing Dynasty and got familiar with the historical changes of Yanyuan such as Langrun Garden and Chengze Garden. The unfamiliarity between the students and history was narrowed in an instant with the rich and detailed lecture given by Prof. Hu, and they had a better understanding of the campus.

In the last new students class, Dr. Du Guiying introduced the relevant arrangements of courses and academic rules.

With full expectations and blessing, 102 new students of 2022 EMBA class are about to embark on the journey of learning. This weekend, they will start the first module of learning and lead a new start at the Peaking University.


Reported by | Wang Zhiqin editor | Wang Xianqi